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Precision Project Management.

Cobra Civil is a multidisciplinary project management consultancy, specialising in the planning, execution, and completion of civil infrastructure and property development projects. With integrity and relationships at our core, you can rely on us to oversee every phase of your project, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

Our Services

Our expertise covers a wide range, from managing small-scale land subdivision projects to providing essential support in delivering multi-billion-dollar civil infrastructure projects.
Heavy machinery working on road construction and highway duplication

Project delivery

Facing challenges with time, cost, or staffing on your project? Trust us to support your major civil infrastructure projects from start to finish.

Project managers on a construction site reviewing plans.

Project Management

Ensure project success from the start. Our team specialises in effective project management, setting the right foundation for every job.

Handshake agreement on a construction project.

Work Winning

Are you a subcontractor or contractor aiming to outbid the competition? Our team's construction expertise can help develop and present winning bids for your projects.

Commercial construction contract


Need help with contractor claims, estimating, or cash flow? Our commercial support services have got you covered.